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Artikaas Spiced Leyden Cheese is a classic aged Dutch Gouda flavored with spicy cumin seeds.  It has a tangy flavor with firm texture and a spicy aroma.  Cut it for snacking, pairs nicely with a hearty ale or an earthy Shiraz.


*Each Piece of Cheese is individually sliced into 1-pound wedges then vacuum sealed so be sure you get the freshest cheese possible. *

Artikaas Spiced Leyden

SKU: 147160
1 Pound
  • Flavor Profile:

    Tangy with a bit of spice

  • Used For:

    Cube for snacking or slice over a warm piece of toast

  • Perfect Pairing:

    A hearty ale like Stout, Porter, Scottish or pair with an earthy Shiraz red wine. 

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