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Milder and sweeter than you expect, this 100% goats milk Gouda has a delicate, citrus ‘tang’ and firm yet creamy texture. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and savory, and feels oh so smooth and rich.


*Each Piece of Cheese is individually sliced into 1-pound wedges then vacuum sealed so be sure you get the freshest cheese possible. *

Artikaas Goat Gouda

SKU: 147229
1 Pound

    4-6 week aged, firm, creamy, tangy

  • USE FOR:

    snacking, cheese board, slicing, in recipes


    crisp Riesling


    2021 SOFI Awards Gold Trophy Winner

    This prestigious Specialty Food Association award means that our Gouda was blindly evaluated amongst hundreds of other entries, by expert judges, on the basis of: flavor, texture, appearance, aroma and ingredient quality. 70% of the score is based on taste and 30% on ingredient quality.

    Category won: Cheese – Non-Cow Milk or Mixed Milk

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